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Our Story

Mirage Visual Effects was founded by Patrick Felgueras who began his career working on Rostrum Motion Control Cameras at the age of 14. This was the era of Celluloid Film and Miniature Motion Control Photography, Glass Matte Paintings, Cell Animation and Model Making. He understood the optical engineering of Oxberry Aerial Image Cameras as well as Optical Printing and Slit Scan Photography. He also learned the principals of Motion Control and later applied this knowledge and experience to commission one of the best mechanical engineers in the business - David Pride ( Pride Studios ), who designed and manufactured Mirage's first generation 11 Axis Motion Control Rig.

In 1996, Patrick's career transitioned to becoming a Computer Graphics Artist, working for various major Visual Effects Studios around the world, including, Ambience Entertainment - Sydney, Photon Stockman - QLD, APV - Malaysia, Stardust Entertainment - Berlin, Animal Logic - Sydney, Weta Digital - New Zealand, MPC - London, GVFX - Vancouver and an array of VFX companies in Australia. With this experience, Patrick started his facility and paid homage to the very first company ( Mirage Productions ), where  he did his school work experience. Mirage Visual Effects was born with a vision in mind and an objective that focused on hybrid solutions in a rapidly evolving Visual Effects Universe.


We have always aspired to create unique and incredible stories. Over many years we have developed several concepts which are in different phases of production. Therefore, the following links are confidential and require a password to access material.

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